You take the glass of water and place it on the door's pedestal. The door opens, and the raspy voice say's "Water rises tick tock, You are sinking, watch the clock." and you realize that you are on a field, and it's raining-outside. You look ahead, and see a large, circular void, upon which are floating numbers 1-12, and floating arrows, just like a clock. The hands move, too, so you assume that this is a giant floating clock. You look around, but there are no doors. It seems like the clock is only about 50 feet wide, and the field stretches out forever. You take a step away from the clock, and bump into a wall. You look, and there is a wall, shaped exactly like you, in front of you. You touch the air next to the wall shaped like yourself, and a fingertip-shaped wall appears. You come to the conclusion that there is an invisible wall, and that any part of it you touch becomes visible.

You ponder on the meaning of all that you experience, and conclude that all indications have pointed to the water that is slowly drowning you, and time.

And with time...?

What do you do?

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