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Paitland is the collective name of the three Northern nations (think of Northern Sweden, Norway and Finland makes Lapland). Contrary to most continents where the North is generally colder, these three nations of Volante are the warmest. One of the Five Great Kingdoms exist in Paitland. This kingdom and its neighbors are as follows:


Dassinth is the only Paitish kingdom. It is ruled by King Ander'Enga Myadhenehene and Queen Myr'Diae Myadhenehene.
The capital of Dassinth serves as the base for the Royal capital, and is also the start of the Evanescent River. The Evanescent River is an immensely long river that swells to its banks in spring and summer, dies down by fall, and is entirely gone by winter. The water returns to this base in the capital, which is a large crater, going down 200 feet below sea level. The castle is also in this crater about 40 feet into the crater. Surprisingly, there is excellent reception in this castle.


Dassinthi is also home to a city-state called Vernacia. Vernacia was established by separatist movements in the 1900's. Vernacians speak a language known as Elvin 'Khesela, which a language influenced by both Elvin and Dassinthi. Dassinth regained the city-state in 1976, but Vernacia is still registered as a recognized city-state.
Native Name 'Tegta Pimmam Dassin'ti
Standardized Name The Kingdom of Dassinth
Capital Kylla Khus - Evanescent River Basin and Vernacia
Establishment 546 ATR [Vernacia: 1903]
National Motto Dassint'i Passalam! (Standard: Dassinth Courageous!)
Official Languages 'Khesa Dassin'ti and Elvin 'Khelasa
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Head of State King Ander'Enga Myadhenehene and Queen Myr'diae Myadhanehane
Population unknown, there are some people who have since been living in the more mountainous areas
Currency Paitish 'orn (approx. 56 cents CDN)
Technology Level Up-to-date
Literacy Rate 97%
Percent Below Poverty Level 5%
Exports Gold ore, iron ore


Terval is totalitarian democracy in Paitland. Upon arrival in this nation, one will see that it is trapped far back in time, a time similar to that of 14-century Earth (the time of the historic Goths).
As such, the Tervalians are compared to Goths and other barbaric or seafaring people (i.e. the Vikings). Their rules are simple and crude, and their punishments usually involve mutilation or gore in some way or another. The best example of this Khu'arjag in North Terval, situated on the Evanescent River. It is a torture house used to torture information out of spies. Generally, the rest of Volante avoids this nation, and there has not been an invasion from them in years.
Native Name Ha'Terrgaja
Standardized Name Terval
Capital Ølzon
Establishment unknown
National Motto Ta'Thar'dajagartan Ha'Terrgaja! (Standard: Breathing only for Terval.)
Official Languages 'Khesa Kylly Terrgaja
Government Type Totalitarian democracy
Head of State unknown
Population unknown
Currency none
Technology Level 14-century Scandinavia
Literacy Rate 7%
Percent Below Poverty Level unknown
Exports None

Khontica (Khh'onta)Edit

Khontica is a single-party state with a triumvirate at the head of state. It is half of the Raven Mountains range, the half that serves as a self-governing nation. Its head of state are Lucien Add'thadora, Jeg Stätti, and Morjan Kylling.
The history of Khontica is deep and diverse, leading back to many millennia past. Its history has been wracked with riots and wars, as well as many triumphs. For example, the Conquer of Threka Paneru by Tagtus. Tagtus, or 'Abtus as it is spelled in Kiely Khh'onta, was a great conquerer.
Native Name Khh'onta
Standardized Name Khontica
Capital Chh'orm Reap, Threann Khann, Tenaru Ketann
Establishment 800 ATR
National Motto Chnann, Kenaru, Senozurann (Standard: Nation, Sobriety, Health)
Official Languages Khesa Kiely Khh'onta
Government Type Triumvirate Single-party
Head of State Lucena Chh'orm, Jetta Threann, and Morgan Tenaru
Population unknown, there are some people who have since been living in the more mountainous areas
Currency Paitish 'orn (approx. 56 cents CDN)
Technology Level Up-to-date
Literacy Rate 97%
Percent Below Poverty Level 48%, mainly the mountain people
Exports Gold ore, iron ore, uranium

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