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Western VolanteEdit

In Western Volante, the collective area is known as the LVA; or the Lesser Volante Area. This area is smaller compared to its neighbor, the Greater Volante Area. It was historically known as Val Boran. One of the Five Great Kingdoms exist in the Lesser Area. This and its surrounding neighbors are as follows:


Sycracia is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the Gerodathian Commonwealth of Nations. It neighbors the kingdom of Elvinia and the country Velten. The head of state in Sycracia is PM Eric Marshall. Its monarch is King Bryan Cervantes.
Sycracia is the only parliamentary constitutional monarchy left in Volante. Others are across the globe, and even then, they only exist in the continent Talasia.
In trading, Sycracia has become one of the strongest World Trade leaders, with a heavy abundance of exports. However, in its history of trade, there have been corruptions. For instance, during the 1978 Sandalwood Scandal with former president Alexandra Dreyfuss, Sycracia was running very low in sandalwood to trade with the Talasian kingdom Herrtolina. In desperation, President Dreyfuss sent a company to hack down sandalwood trees in Elvinia. Then-king Tero Turunen then sent workers to create a gigantic 30-foot wall of concrete between them. The wall was later taken down twenty years later.
Native Name Sycracia
Standardized Name Sycracia
Capital Twilight City
Establishment 1867 ATR (gained independence from Gerodathia)
National Motto From the River to the Hills
Official Languages Standard
Government Type Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State Prime Minister Eric Marshall (King Bryan Cervantes)
Population approx. 6.9 million
Currency Sycrate dollar
Technology Level Cutting edge
Literacy Rate 87%
Percent Below Poverty Level 14-18%
Exports Striped marble, agate, gold


Velten is a theocratic nation, one of the only two left in Volante. The only other like nation is its neighbor Ruhov. The main religion in Velten is a form of animism, known as Martinaety.
In history, Velteniads are known for being a very pacifist people. For instance, during the regime of the Despera Red, a large amount of Tymains were mass-murdered by this group, after being driven out of their own nation by the Despera Red. The Velteniad Missionaries immediately took in the remaining (only under 200 people).
Since then, a small community of Velten set up an organization known as Birth of Hope. This organization is dedicated to fostering orphaned children and other aftermaths of the Despera Red's regime.
Native Name Atthamus Leoindae Veltinus
Standardized Name Velten the Holy See
Capital Esaeldia
Establishment 1765 ATR
National Motto Siluas Martinae Albi Askhos Menterdida Miios. (The words of Martinae shall go unsung only in ignorant minds)
Official Languages Veltenidae
Government Type Theocracy
Head of State Prelate Marcos Allonidus
Population approx. 6, 700
Currency none
Technology Level 16th-century Earth
Literacy Rate 89%
Percent Below Poverty Level 64%
Exports none


Elvinia is a kingdom in the Lesser Volante Area. It is ruled by king Vilppu "Romulus" Turunen and queen Vivienne Turunen. It has been ruled by the Turunen Royal Family since 1750.
Elvinia is known to be the richest country in Volante, with all of its technology incredibly cutting edge. Some even consider to be more advanced that what the technology today. Some paranoid radical zealots believe it to be from the future, ahead of the current Era. However, the government dismisses this theory as "another crackpot theorist's way of trying to shut own our beautiful nation's advances." -Atty. Puro Zyema.
Native Name Vzyglja Elvyjna [lit. House of King Elvinia]
Standardized Name The Kingdom of Elvinia
Capital Digamma
Establishment 546 ATR
National Motto La valya hyvern znyage hvntashyshyn. [Standard: The songs of the people will echo over the mountains.]
Official Languages Elvin, Standard, Tulla Elvin [spoken by the Tulla natives]
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Head of State King Vilppu "Romulus" Turunen, Queen Vivienne Turunen
Population approx. 3.1 million
Currency Elvin szyba
Technology Level advanced
Literacy Rate 95%
Percent Below Poverty Level 3%
Exports sandalwood, black earth


Alcyone is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy under the Athastrian Commonwealth of Nations. Compared to its neighbors and other countries around Volante, it is somewhat small, being about only half the size of the average nation's landmass. The head of state in Alcyone is PM George Kinsley.
Not much activity goes on in Alcyone. In trades, it is a weaker nation, however, it has enough quickly growing natural resources to be independent of itself. As a result, however, there are not many tourists at all that go through the country. Its main features are the St. Kayara School, and Tartanee City.
Native Name Alcyone
Standardized Name Alcyone
Capital Tartanee City
Establishment 1789 ATR (independence from Athastre)
National Motto Between the waters we shall shine.
Official Languages Standard, Moralconite (in some indigenous areas)
Government Type Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of State Prime Minister George Kinsley
Population approx. 3.8 million
Currency Moralconite dollar
Technology Level Cutting edge
Literacy Rate 92%
Percent Below Poverty Level 51.8%
Exports Amaranth wood, coal, iron ore

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