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Islands of VolanteEdit

Volante does not have many islands that are nations. Their only real island nation is the kingdom of Gerodathia. All other islands belong to nations, or are disputed territory. The following is this kingdom and other major islands.


Gerodathia is a kingdom, the only Alavolante island kingdom. It is ruled by King Bryan Cervantes.
Alongside Elvinia, Gerodathia has a burgeoning advance in the field of technology. It is one of the world's top producers of technological gadgets, with Toledo Cellphones being the most mass-produced gadgets in the world. Gerodathia is a deeply cultural nation, with the historical capital, Lepah Setar being the center of its culture. [Another like city is Gedah Elur]
Native Name Sán Thòok'nák Jýrái
Standardized Name The Kingdom of Gerodathia
Capital Sapiro
Establishment 546 ATR
National Motto Qàkènleh; ạlen thòod xẹt [Standard: Immortal; our spirits will not perish]
Official Languages Jyrai Cervantes, Er Lu, Yong An, Jyrai Khalil
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Head of State King Bryan Cervantes
Population 45 million
Currency Jyrai ili
Technology Level cutting-edge
Literacy Rate 99.87%
Percent Below Poverty Level 32%
Exports ivory, sandstone, iron ore

Ridley IslandsEdit

The Ridley Islands are a disputed territory in Volante. Its borders are trying to be claimed by Gerodathia, and two countries from the continent of Carzolia islands. Gerodathia almost won the dispute, but former king Hòng Banh Cervantes was assassinated before he could claim it completely.

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