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Eastern VolanteEdit

In Eastern Volante, the collective area is known as the GVA; or the Greater Volante Area. Out of all the divisions in Volante, the East is largest, hence the title. This area of Volante was also historically called Val Haleth. Two of the Five Great Kingdoms exist in the Greater Area. These kingdoms and their surrounding neighbors are as follows:


Elytris is a Kingdom in the Greater Volante Area. It is ruled by King Archyn Graydel and has been ruled by the Graydel Royal Family since 1548. It neighbors the kingdom of Elvinia.
This kingdom is known for having the longest existing castle, still standing today, in all of Volante. The Elytris palace is nearly a mile long, from the East to West end. In doing so, it goes across two cities, Selpa and Villalos de Perranjos.
Native Name La Pontareino de Elytra
Standardized Name The Kingdom of Elytra [Elytris]
Capital Split between Selpa and Villalos de Perranjos.
Establishment 546 ATR
National Motto none [King Archyn has since disregarded the need for one, and has erased it.]
Official Languages Standard, Pertullesa Elytra
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Head of State King Archyn Graydel
Population approx. 46 million
Currency Agila
Technology Level 20th-century Earth
Literacy Rate 98.78%
Percent Below Poverty Level 14%
Exports Wheat, AA-grade beef


KIngsbury is a small duchy neighboring the more immense Elytris. It is the smallest nation that is completely within Alavolante borders. This duchy is ruled by Duchess Valeria L'Altair.
Though being a Royal Nation, Kingsbury does not have a place in the Royal Union of Volante. The reason it is not counted in the list of Kingdoms is because: 1) it is only a duchy and not a kingdom; 2) it was established almost two millennia after the other Kingdoms. Nevertheless, surrounding Kingdoms are expected to treat it Kingsbury as if it were a Kingdom, if only within Alavolante borders.
Native Name Le Zurron du Kingsbury (zurron = Kingdom)
Standardized Name The Kingdom of Kingsbury
Capital Tellul, Bastanie Province
Establishment 1946 ATR
National Motto Le zurron est us tantiamadar. (Standard: The kingdom is the fatherland.)
Official Languages Standard, Zurrona
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Head of State Duchess Valeria L'Altair
Population unknown
Currency unknown
Technology Level 17th-century Earth
Literacy Rate 3.08%
Percent Below Poverty Level 89.9%
Exports Clay, pink hardwood


Alsertar is a democratic republic, neighboring Despretar and the Northern Paitland.
Being a republic nation, it has a place in the United Democratic Nations of Volante (UNDV). To date, Alsertar has become one of the strongest democratic powers in Volante, and the whole world. However, with such power comes enemies.
Such an enemy is the scattered race of the Tymains. The Alsertarian former president Errton Zltuja laid waste to a massive number of Tymain slaves and workers escaping from the destruction in Val-Tymia. The remaining number, under 200 Tymains, were rescued by the Missionaries of Velten. Since then, Alsertar has severed all ties it had with Velten.
Native Name The Republic of Alsertar
Standardized Name The Republic of Alsertar
Capital Evnol City
Establishment 1857 ATR
National Motto No matter where you are, home is where the heart is.
Official Languages Standard, Vlecik Mnora (spoken by an indigenous minority)
Government Type Democratic republic
Head of State President Ldvanjo Altmann
Population approx. 5-6 million
Currency Tjevna (approx. eighty cents CDN)
Technology Level Up-to-date
Literacy Rate 94.78%
Percent Below Poverty Level 12%
Exports Mineral water, rose quartz, balsa wood


Athastre is a Kingdom in the Greater Volante Area. It is ruled by King Vincent Alcantara, and since time immemorial, it has been ruled by the Alcantara Royal Family. This family is usually represented with a black phoenix and a sword--Sword of Aster.
Athastre is the only nation to date with more than one capital. It has three capitals: Elles, Julios and Barrcadas, with Barrcadas as the Royal Capital. The other two capitals are important hubs for world trade, usually outside of Volante to-and-from remote places such as Carzolia Ils. and nations in the continent Durida.
Native Name La Pontereinos de Ataster
Standardized Name The Kingdom of Athastre
'Capital Split between Elles, Julios and Barracadas.
Establishment 546 ATR
National Motto Naturas em Pontereinos mi vo prolegas. [Standard: I will protect Nature and Kingdom.]
Official Languages Standard, Pertullesa Aster
Government Type Absolute monarchy
Head of State King Vincent Alcantara
Population approx. 59 million
Currency Lagas
Technology Level 21st-century Earth
Literacy Rate 95.99%
Percent Below Poverty Level 2%
Exports Dark cherry wood, Aster darkwood cherries


Despretar is a totalitarian democracy, neighboring Paitland in the North and Alsertar nearby. However, it claims itself to be a republic, seemingly for reasons unknown.
Despretar is one of two totalitarian democracies in all of Volante—the latter being Terval. In saying so, Despretar is ruled by a central ruling class who make every decision. Common people are permitted to vote in elections, but in the end, their vote barely counts. The next ruling body is always finally decided by the ruling class.
This ruling class is called the Despera Red. In other views, they are also considered a military junta. Their armies one of Volante's strongest, but for all the wrong reasons. (À la Khmer Rouge), the Despera Red has slaughtered many neighboring Ruhovians under its regime.
Native Name Lo Veganvanlja it Despera
Standardized Name The Republic of Despretar
Capital Vanlja City
Establishment 1876 ATR
National Motto At Despera gian at yvlojn (Standard: For Despretar and for Power)
Official Languages Vlec Despera
Government Type Totalitarian democracy
Head of State Despera Red
Population unknown
Currency Tjevna (approx. eighty cents CDN)
Technology Level Up-to-date
Literacy Rate 56%
Percent Below Poverty Level 97.2%
Exports Balsa wood, mineral water


Ruhov is a theocratic nation; one of the only two left in the world (the other being Velten). Additionally, it also one of the only self-governing countries that has an animistic belief.
From 1920 until 1956 ATR, Ruhov has been plagued by the Despera Red of Despretar. Many people were slaughtered under its regime. among these people were the great Prelate Hevetnavos.
Native Name Un Takhos ar Ruhov
Standardized Name Ruhov the Holy See
Capital Basilistus
Establishment 1912 ATR
National Motto Un miraculus hutin lis Dievas. (Standard: The Only Miracle is Life.)
Official Languages Ruhovian
Government Type Theocracy
Head of State Prelate Hevetnavos II
Population unknown
Currency none
Technology Level 15th-century Earth
Literacy Rate 100%
Percent Below Poverty Level 100%
Exports none

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