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You enter a bookstore, decorated with all kinds of whimsical oddities. A woman dressed in a violet robe comes to you, the beads around her neck jingling; the folds of her dress whispering round her ankles.

"Pheung nook, tho chim Soonak," she says to you in the same manner the cartographer had. You are still confused as to what your reaction was supposed to be. The woman smiles.

"It means hello and welcome, I am Soonak," she says. "And you must respond by bowing and saying Pheung nook savad. That means 'hello, beloved neighbor'."

You give the floor a vaguely confused glance, but do as the woman said. You hear her stifling laughter.

"What's so funny?" you ask, slightly jilted.

"You have to only bow slightly, not with your nose to the floor. See, like this..." And Soonak places both hands between her chest and stomach, and bowed very slightly. After seeing the correct greeting fashion, you try it - this time, you didn't make such a fool of yourself.

"Better," the brightly-dressed woman mutters. "What brings you to my bookstore?"

"I'm just looking around," you reply. The woman moves back to a shelf on a far wall, signaling for you to follow.

"Take your pick!" she says brightly.

Soonak's Bookstore

Keep in mind that these maps are only what has been evaluated of the area!

Find your way around Gerodathia Palace, but watch out for the guards!

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