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Gerodathia Royal Palace ~ Cervantes family

All you can see for what seems to be miles around is a golden sandstone courtyard, reminiscent of the ancient Angkorian sites in Cambodia you always used to explore. The jungle around this place is completely alive with sounds and buzzing heat. Of course, you can only see all this through barred gates. There are guards in wait in front of it, and they do not look too happy with you just appearing. They hold their strange hooked swords at the ready.

"What is it you want?" one says.

"We wanna speak with the king," you manage to gulp, in fear of the sword the guard has near your face. The guards burst out in raucous laughter.

"You?! A common foreigner like you wishes to speak with His Majesty?" the second guard cackles, disbelieving his ears.

You are in complete shock, and can't speak. You only stammer a few unintelligible words, and even then the guards laugh at you more.

"Be gone, you fools!" the guard said. "Should the King wrought his own wrath on you. Shoo!" And with that, the guards wave their menacing swords at you till you run away.

What a bunch of pricks, you think to yourself.

If ONLY there was some way you could get in...


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