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"Unfinished business?"Edit

Apparently so. See, most souls, when they die, get sent off to the next bit; usually Heaven or Hell, depending upon how cracked their moral compass may or may not have been, though there are a load of other places, too. At least twelve hundred different types of afterlife, though reincarnation generally gets lumped in together. Then there's some who just dissipate, become one with the universe, or the life force, you know. Whatever floats your boat.

But with some, well, they wind up here, on account of having left something unfinished back in the old mortal realm. Taken before their time, most of them. And you're one of them.

  • "So what is this business I've left unfinished?"

No idea, chap. It's your life. Was, sorry.

Look, take my advice, and have a nose around here, yeah? Get used to the place; there's a few guys like me wandering about, helping out the newbies, as it were.

  • "Newbies? Aren't we all new here?"

Oh, forgot to mention; some chaps tend to stick around up here. Some of them just can't fix their stuff back in the world, so they just... hang on, in limbo. You might see a couple of them, floating about. Watch them, though, they're mostly pretty bitter about the whole thing.

  • "Right. Well, thanks."

No problem. This is where I hand over to you, chap. Good luck.

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