You decide to...

...pull your sword from the scabbard
...take a look at your journal
...take a look at your map of the area
...go back to where you just were (click the back button on your browser)

Sword Edit

With a certain glimmer in your eyes, you stare at the beautiful sword. It is the last thing you have from any relative, it used to belong to your uncle, who was King Mullibert's Twelfth Knight.

Journal Edit

The empty journal you found yesterday might come in handy some time – in order not to lose it, you decide to stuff it back into your belt pouch.

Map Edit

The map shows with an X where your hut is. Lines mark roads and paths, Y marks a building, Z marks a village, town or city. Asterisks mark foresty areas.

******** X \********
******      ---*****
****           \****
****           |****
*****          | ***
******         |  **
*******        \   *
**********      \  *
*************   |  *
*************** | **
************ YYY|***
************ YYY|***

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