Talpion walked slowly in a forest on the lush, tropical landscape of Planet Gastovine, carefully admiring his beautiful creations and lovely work. He began to think how long he took to build the universe of Terrafinthia, though it seemed seconds ago that he was creating the desert sands of Planet Karp.

"I wonder what Dormone has instore for me and my friends now?" he muttered to himself quietly, admiring the leaves and plants that stood broadly next to him.

Elsewhere, back in Dormone's Realm, in an alternate universe Dormone created, thousands of brainwashed Evonians were working for Dormone ruthlessley to obey his every command.

In the city of Verole, thing were not good either at the moment. First off, the floating town had been invaded by the evil Tourpians, the residents of Planet Tourp and its allies. Second, the Verolians had their weapons taken off them and were thrown into an Escape Pod, whilst the Tourpians had took control of the planet.

"Aaahhhh!!!!" a Verolian cried, dodging a large piece of steel and rock, thrown by one of the Tourpians. They had been battling for now for about two hours, and the Tourpians were slowly out-numbering the villagers of Verole.

"Get them!" another of the ten left standing Verolians cried, as yet another armoured Tourpian tore parts of the steel roof off, and chucked them madly at the remaining villagers, hate in its eyes.

Elsewhere again, back on Gastovine, Talpion could now see, in the dark sky, Verole's Hull, the main part of the floating city being tore up to shreds, as yet another Escape Pod was thrown of the planet, followed by others.

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