Thot AdventureMaat Quiz (harder)

You say:

"I want to make you a question, Great Master."

"Say it" Kasut says.

"I want to know how is the Paradise that the dead live after they are judged by Maat. I want to know when would the kingdom of Egypt and its gods would finish" you ask.

"Those are two questions. I will answer the first one, as it is simpler. The other one I will answer when we learn about the Book of the Dead and its prophecies..."

And he started to talk. You, Osirius, sit down and feel comfortable and ready to listen to his explanation. It would be very long, you think. Kasut never misses a word in his answers and he liked to be as clear as possible. And he loved Osirius' questions, the master considered that he was a very original lad and a smart one too. The boy had a great destiny and would rule with wisdom when the moment came.

You get to the next phase

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