Thot AdventureMaat Quiz (harder)

Apart from that matter, Osirius thought about time. He had asked his teacher about the antiquity of the world, but Kasut, despite all his knowledge, could not give him an exact answer. He gave some data taken from astronomy, but that was not enough. You, Osirius, imagine how would their land be, that is, Egypt, in a thousand years, for example. How would have it been transformed? Would it be invaded by foreign forces? Or would it have emerged victorious and would continue to reign the Two Lands? Nobody could know. However, he liked to think about that, about eternity. He imagined the gods, living for centuries and watching the Egyptians closely. And, perhaps they also watched the men of other lands. Living forever, they would have enough time to monitor and observe humanity on its path towards the future. If he, Osirius, were a god, what would he think of humanity or about the Egyptians? He did not imagine himself as a pharaoh, but as a god of the Egyptian pantheon. He knew that such thoughts were punished, but for him these reflections were a distraction. He liked to imagine himself being full of power and life, immortal. Governing the living and the dead, holding consultations with other gods, prevailing and enjoying life in the hereafter, in Duat. He always wondered how life would be like in the Duat, in the paradise earned after the trial of death. Would it be better than this life? Would it compare with the earthly existence? Or it might be something beyond our understanding?

Thoth asks:

"This is an easy one. Tell me the name of the god with a similar name to yours. Just remove a letter, a vowel. Type it on the textbox on the right and click Action! With the T at the beginning..."

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