Thot AdventureMaat Quiz (harder)

Thot says:

"You must be aware of what happens in the story. It will help you on your quest. This is a work similar to those found on Fiction, a lot of writing. Well, not THAT lot. Try to remember the names of the Gods and pharaohs, it will be useful in the future. And you must pay attention to bold words. They could help you too. You must type some things on the textbox to the right in some situations. But you can click on hyperlinks too..."

"So, the story begins":


You are Osirius, a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Your name is based on Osiris, the God of the Dead. You are married to Hatshut and don't have any children yet. You are a great worshipper of the gods and are polytheistic like your ancestors. You don't believe in those false claims of an only God, monotheism, invented by Akhenaten.

Hint: The first link is the sequential one, the second is a shortcut, but be careful with your choices, some of them lead to death, some lead to Level 2.

You visit your wife Hashut. Then you plan to go outside to take a walk.

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