Thot AdventureMaat Quiz (harder)


You sit down and watched some kids play and dive on the water. You remember your own youth. Back in these days, life was simpler. All you have to do was to study at the temple, play with your friends and receive teachings and some beatings from your parents. Since you were a child, you knew you were going to be the Pharaoh of Egypt, the king of the Two Lands. However, you never thought that it were so hard. You only imagined, as a boy, that you could do everything with a pharaoh's power and could play all day. You even sang at that time, with a friend called Nala:

I just can't wait to be king

Now you notice that power is not an advantage, it is a must. All your life is dedicated to the government and you have no free time for your private life. And your life is not even private.

You start to get asleep reading all this. But you remember that you are not reading, but living. And thinking. You remember the great Kasut, the Holy Priest.

But you can dive into the water too, if you want.

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