Thot AdventureMaat Quiz (harder)


Osirius was out in a breeze. He did not remember Hatchis coming today. She was annoying; she never stopped talking. He could do whatever he could to avoid her. That is why he decided to be all the afternoon off.

It was too hot. Even to be Egypt. Osirius, the great pharaoh of Egypt, was walking the land of his ancestors. He had to take one of his many clothes to be able to stand the heat. He looked at the sand and thought about those people who were fighting the war in Egypt.

Many invasions from the People from the Sea were attacking Egypt, merciless and restless. Nubia had rebelled against it and they had formed an autonomous government, ignoring Egypt. High Egypt wanted to be independent too and they were fighting agains Low Egypt, where the pharaoh was now. Osirius would need the help of Maat, goddess of order and law to solve all those problems.

You, Osirius, get to an oasis and sit down. Or you can remember Kasut and keep on walking.

Hint: The first link is always the one that goes sequentially in the story. The second link is always a shortcut, bypassing some articles.

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