Thot AdventureMaat Quiz (harder)

You are waiting for Kasut at the temple. The master left you for a moment, because one of his servants needed to give him an urgent news. The lesson is almost over and you, Osirius, are anxious to ask him something. You had a strange idea during a dream and now you want to share it with Kasut. You watched your surroundings and meditated about the passing of time.

You are only fifteen years old at that time, but you look like an adult due to the hard training given to you, as a prince. You observe the whole room, that room where you always receive your instruction.
In front of you there is a great statue of Ra, the father of all gods. He has a scepter on his hand and to the right, Maat is located. Maat is the goddess of order, law and wisdom. They both look as if they were seeing you. The walls are full of hyeroglyphics.

You have just learned to read them not so long ago. Your first deed when ready was to read the whole inscriptions on the walls. There were transcriptions of the Book of the Dead, the holiest book for Egyptians, like the Bible for Christians. You feel the nice cold inside temple. You like it as you hate the excessive heat from Egypt.

You can:

Hint: Remember, the second link is always a shortcut...

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