SmallSRLogo Star Reacher - Map|Team|Notes

You wriggle around and break the cord connected to your neck. Sirens go off and the robot aims for the shot and...

Half of the robot's body is blown away by an energy blast, probably from a laser rifle!

But by being disconnected from the cord, you have no oxygen.

"Finally! Someone who is alive!" says a man, dressed in black.

He hits the button on the control panel and the liquid inside your tank drains.

You fall to the bottom of the tank, and are gasping for air.

The computer pipes up, saying "patient release, initiated."

The tank wall retracts and you stand up for the first time.

"Hello," says the man, "my name is Dark Assassin. We are on some sort of ship, from what I have made out. I think that it has been abandoned for 8 months now, and it's name is the Star Reacher."

 You have just gained a team member. Check the teams section and you will see the team member's profile.

 You have started a conversation with Dark Assassin. You will continue it through the Choicebox.

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