Within Washington, DC


Time Period
Late August 1861
Within the Interactive Fictional World of
A House Divided: the mysteries
Important: read the Rules before you begin your quest.
From Here
You may:


Welcome Detective. Please take a seat.

My name is Allan Pinkerton and I am the founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

This morning, I'll be giving you a briefing on the agency and then I'll invite one of our clients to join us so you can get started on your first case as a Pinkerton Detective. Naturally, you'll have a chance to further interview this client, but I urge you to be efficient and to move along as quickly as you can. I want to stress this, Detective. This case - your case - is most urgent. Indeed, lives may be at stake. Every hour will be precious.

Briefing on the AgencyEdit

The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, usually shortened to the "Pinkertons," is a private U.S. security guard and detective agency established by me about 11 years ago. You may recall that I became famous when I foiled a plot to assassinate then president-elect Abraham Lincoln. The President recently hired our agents for his personal security. Today, our agents are performing services ranging from security guarding to private military contracting work.

Our headquarters is in Chicago. This is our branch office in Washington, DC. We're opening up branch offices in a few other cities as our cases and clients require of us.

You start with $100 to cover your expenses and you will be paid $100 per month until you solve the case about to be given to you. You may pick up your $100 for expenses from any city bank or telegraph office. Oh, and don't ask for any more.

Remember, Detective, every time you visit a location or interview someone is at least a precious hour for your case. So think carefully, listen for clues, and make your visit and interview choices count. You must solve this case quickly.


Oh, and another thing: despite our motto, we expect our detectives to eat and get plenty of sleep. Don't forget that.

First ClientEdit

So, I believe we've kept her waiting long enough. Detective, please walk with me to meet our client.

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