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Word on the StreetEdit


"I just read in the newspaper that riots erupted through the poorest sections of New York City. It's all because of Lincoln's military draft. The rich can buy their boys an exemption. We poor just sit here and wait for our names to be drawn in a lottery."


"There are hospitals, wounded soldiers, marching soldiers, freed slaves, and workers everywhere."


"I was there. I saw it all. A mob some say was fifty thousand tore through the East Side neighborhoods. They looted the stores. I even saw some lynching Negroes. Lots of folks say they don't want to fight against slavery. After the riots, someone told me nearly one hundred people were killed."


"I saw the riots in the slums of Paradise Alley."


"This is a bustling city. We provide troops, supplies, and equipment for the Union Army."


"Sure, all the powerful New York politicians and newspaper editors are shaping public opinion towards the war effort and the policies of Lincoln."


"The port of New York is fertile recruiting grounds for the Army. All the immigrants from Europe - the Irish and the Germans. I've seen them step right off the ships and into the muster rolls."


"Sure there's a war going on. But this city still has strong commercial ties to the South."


"Have you heard about the military innovations coming from New York City? My brother is working on the "wig-wag" system of signalling and they are testing it in New York Harbor. It's under the command of Major Albert J. Myer." * Interview this person >>


"Now that George Opdyke is mayor, replacing Fernando Wood, I expect things will be getting better. Opdyke is a staunch supporter of Lincoln - since before the war. He's worked hard to raise and equip even more state troops, and to prevent commercial panics on Wall Street as the Union's war successes wax and wane. I expect, under his leadership, recruiting efforts will be renewed, particularly those targeting at the vast supply of incoming immigrants." * Interview this person >>

Down in the waterfront slum of Paradise Alley, three women — Deirdre Dolan O'Kane, Ruth Dove, and Maddy Boyle — struggle with their private fears as they wait for the storm to descend upon them. Deirdre, devastated by the news that her husband, Tom, has been wounded at Gettysburg, must turn for comfort and aid to two women she has always judged as morally depraved — Ruth, married to an ex-slave, and Maddy, a hard-living prostitute.

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