it's a five-speed, two-door, white, 2012 BMW. it can be driven by thought. the driver (that would be me) merely thinks what he wants the car to do, and the car does it. For example, the driver would think, "Start engine" and the engine would start without the driver having to turn an ignition key. The driver could think, "Pull out of parking space," and the car would do so. There is an onboard computer in the dashboard that reads the driver's mind. The car is a convertible and can sail like a boat in water, but it cannot fly. The car is rigged with seven laser-guided, computer-driven, heat seeking missiles powerful enough to take down the tallest building in, say, Rosslyn, Virginia. The car also has two machine guns fore and aft. inside the car is an ak-47 and a 9 mm glock with plenty of ammunition. the car is very powerful and very fast. chiefbroom8 05:02, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

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