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Level 2
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Mmangel - Hey, thank you for helping me there.

YOU: No problem. You're an angel?

Mmangel - Yes I am. But unfortunately i'm not skilled against those kinds of monsters.

YOU: What kinds are you skilled against?

Mmangel - Large flying monsters. I can enchant your bow to fight against them.

YOU: Can you enchant it, just in case I run into one?

Mmangel - Sure. There! It is enchanted. Simply type enbow after the room name in a search box in the room you think you should sing the song.

YOU: Thank you.

In rooms where you think that you should use your enchanted bow, simply write enbow after the text, in the box. If you were sent to a room that does not exist, then simply press back and try again.


Door_closed.png Door_closed.png

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