Maat QuizThot Adventure (easier)

You feel anxious. You use a wormhole to travel in time to Ancient Egypt. You feel a strong wind coming from nowhere. Something pulls you into the hole. You feel no body at all. Your eyes see only dark. And you discover you have no eyes at all! After some minutes, you finally cross it and appear at the Ancient Egypt.

You look at your surroundings. You thought you would be near the Great Pyramid, but that is the final quest. Don't worry, the great Osirius will be your guide. He approaches you slowly. He is handsome and has an Egyptian face, a little dark one, he wears green clothes and has a sign of life on his hands.

You can talk to him at any time here: MOsirius. Or by typing MOsirius on the textbox to the right and click Action. If you just know him, you may want to go on, if not, please talk to me first...

Hint: the first link traverses the whole adventure. The second is always a shortcut.

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