Maat QuizThot Adventure (easier)


Welcome to MaatEdit

Welcome to Maat Quest. This quest is for lovers of Ancient Egypt. Mythology and history of Egypt is required. Of course there will also be some hints on the way, it is not that hard...

It currently has around 70 components on two levels of difficulty. At the end of level 2, you can won an award! On Thot quest though, as it is easier, you can win another award just passing the first level!

Thanks to Yunzhong Hou for the idea of Search browsing and the riddle thing.

What is Maat?Edit

The Quest will use the search engine, answers to certain questions will be put there and voila, a door opens! It contains no tutorials, right into the action


There are two types of quests:

  • Story mode The player takes an avatar and solves riddles. Easy.
  • Quiz mode. Harder. Questions about Ancient Egypt: history and mythology. It is in Medium and Hard categories because the quest gets harder on upper levels.

Good luck!

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