Maat QuizThot Adventure (easier)


Seth says:

"Hello, young traveller. I am the best of the Gods. What? You talked to those scums, Osiris and his son, Horus? Nah, they are two jokers. I killed the first and massacred the second. Hehehe. They only know about names, duh. I will ask you something cool, not about names at all".

In how many parts did I spare my brother, Osiris?

Osiris note: "Stop being an idiot, ask something easy..."

"OK, my Lord! Hehe, I think I will kill him again when I have the time... Oh, yes, anyway, you can answer my question or answer this:"

I am called the God of the D......

Hint: answer mine and you will get faster to the end. Or get help as you should know I can give. Append something to the end...

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