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__the hopeless quest_____by Dhabih

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In a land, not so far away as you may think, lies a little country called Guyana. Guyana is described by some as heaven on earth and even as paradise. One biblical student even said that on the seventh day after god created the universe and he relaxed, he did so in Guyana.

Guyana is a land full of raging rivers, noble mountains and lush forests. Its inhabitants are almost similar to us: they eat the same, the move the same and they sleep the same. The only difference is that Guyanese are less dependent on technology than we are, which sometimes makes them be more at one with nature and the things around them.

Within this small country is a village called Lusignan, where our quest will begin. It is a small farming / fishing village near the northern tips of Guyana. Our quest will follow a young man and his journey to save his village, if it is possible.

Since the lands of Guyana and even in the civilzed village of Lusignan may not be as comfortable to traverse to an outsider such as yourself, I have included a help page to assist you. Also, should you choose to save your journey and the information you've gathered, you can simple add it to your journal. You can talk about the quest here to help improve it. To easily navigate between these you can use the navigation bar at the top.

Now that you are ready, click here to begin your quest!

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