You awaken in a dark room. As your eyes adjust, you hear a voice coming from somewhere. "Welcome to the Labyrinth of Riddles." It is a raspy whisper, like the hissing of a snake. You look around, there is nothing that could have spoken, with the only things in the room being a table, and a carving on the wall. You look behind yourself, and see some words carved onto the door-

This door leads out, but is not the escape.
I know who you are and where you will go,
so follow the riddle, and show what you know.

Courtesy of the Wrlä

"Wrlä" you think, it seems familiar. But you cannot think of from where, as all you remember is setting sail off tutorial island, and waking up here, and also what one of the crew said to you, "Whatever you do, do not let the Wrlä get you!!"

You have no idea what that means, so you decide to get your bearings, "Which should I examine first," you ask yourself "the table, or the wall?"

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