Lsmile Lusignan

__the hopeless quest_____by Dhabih

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The village is unusually empty. Most of the villagers seem to be indoors - but why? It is such a fine sunny day. Those that were on the streets seemed to be busy with what they always are doing.

Towards the north is the entrance towards the village docks

Towards the south lies the main transportation road into and out of the village


  • There is a short and quiet man pushing a cart. His name is son-son and he is very short (about four feet tall) although he is very dedicated to whatever work he does - it seems. He has bald patches on his head and an outlook that tells that he has been through bad times or does not take care of himself ( examine | interact )
  • There is a young man chopping meat in the corner of the street, though no one is buying anything from him. He seems focused on what he is doing ( examine | interact )
  • There is a strong looking man sitting in the street, seemingly having nothing to do ( examine | interact )


  • There is the inn not far down the street, and it is open ( enter )
  • There is the pub. A lot of travellers go there, and it is a good place to find information ( enter )
  • There is the blacksmith's shop, but he is always so angry without a cause ( enter )
  • There is your own home not too far down the street ( enter )

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