Lsmile Lusignan

__the hopeless quest_____by Dhabih

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Lnormal Hello. Who are you?
Angelface It does not matter who I am. I am here to tell you things that you should not really know about.
Lnormal What are you talking about?
Angelface I am here to help you.
Lnormal Help me? How?
Angelface Let's just say that you and your entire village is in trouble. I cannot tell you how I know about this, but its true. Tomorrow, your village will receive a message saying that Lord Gnakstrang will be visiting sometime in the week, you must leave before he arrives.
Lnormal What would he want to do with our little village?
Angelface I cannot divluge those things. Just promise me that you will leave that village nor would you ever cross paths with the Lord.
Lnormal Well, it seems that this is only a dream, so I don't know what I have to loose by promising you anything. But, don't worry, I will.

As you promised the innocent looking girl, the dream starts to fade...

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