Intro Edit

This is a story, a part of the Stories of John Foley. This takes place during Inhuman worlds, when John and her companion, Fiona, enter the town of Celbanc.

Begin Edit

It's morning, you are dressed in your usual clothes, jeans, grey shirt and shoes. Not to mention underwear too. you live in the town of Eron, a village in the country of Celbanc. (South russia.) Its 1967, a parallel world, different from our real universe. Your living in a building called the Greenhal Gaza, a home to many people, mostly from 6 to 18 year olds. The building is ruined, most rooms made by just hardboard and metal wire. It's not the best home, but out in the bitter world, it is a forgiving place. You are aged 13 at this point in time.

Choose your identity.

Girl, Samantha Greenwood.

Boy, Ryan Arch.

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