Fortunately for me the people driving wasn't that crazy to try to pass through small wholes in the road, and have left a considerable passage between them. This was our chance, I accelerated and Mrs. Daws glasses flew over the sky, she never recovered them again. We drove across the traffic for another five minutes, I knew the bomb would fell at any time soon, so I started looking for some survival options, In front of me there were some Helicopters from U.S.A military evacuating some V.I.Ps from the fallout area, they would probably take them to the bunker, right in front of those flying vehicles were a powerful barricade of soldiers, preventing the people from trying to reach the Helicopters.

Just a few more blocks away ahead of me there was a tunnel, which a small entrance for maintenance personnel that cleaned the streets and some subway installations, the materials the tunnel was made would probably protect us from the bomb.

A moment of indecision invaded me, I didn't know if I could ran into one of these options or just continue my way out of the city.

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