We decided to by pass all the traffic on foot, running, we got out of the car and started to run, as soon as other drivers saw us, they got out and started doing the same, we kept our rhythm for a few minutes until we arrived a road tunnel.

As we were about to enter it, we saw numerous military helicopters flying out of the city, we managed to see on the other side of the tunnel entrance was another helicopter trying to lift up.

Suddenly another sound was heard, the helicopters got shut down by an electromagnetic wave, they lost balance and fell, taking civilians with them in the action. One of the helicopters was falling right down on us, we ran to the tunnel hoping to find safety, the helicopter could not follow and the impulse vehicle crashed its tail and nose with the corners of the entrance, it then exploded.

As we moved towards some exit, we saw a maintenance door, we forced it, and after a few moments the door fell, the fire was taking other cars of the traffic, making them explode thanks to their fuel, we entered and closed the door behind. As I dealt with the situation, my attention got caught by new surroundings, it was a corridor where a lot of cleaning products of the cleaning staff were, there were only another two doors after the entrance, one was on the other side of the corridor, and the other one lied on the right wall of the corridor.

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