I had a normal life, good job, was a good neighbor, but one day everything changed.

As I got dressed and had breakfast, I moved to my work office, I worked as a writer, and I rented a good department to work out, since my house was very far from my inspiration. One day I arrived to work and started writing one of my sequels, my secretary, curiously my neighbor too, was already there, drinking her cappuccino coffee sitting on his desk, just in front of my door, she was talking on the phone and saluted me, when I entered my office, the desk was filled with drafts and notes, I sighted and sat down to work.

As the hours passed, the day was getting older, my eyes were getting closed after to much writing, and since I didn't used glasses, I had to go to my bathroom in order to wash my face. It was then when I heard a lot of screaming in outside the building, I reached the bathroom small window and tried to see what was happening, I could not, those screams seemed like people were hurried, running and even smashing things, curiosity invaded me.

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