List of active users in Fantasi. Do NOT name yourself as a General/Head Sanctuarian/High Wizard as a new user. Your rank advancements are taken into serious consideration before they actually happen.

Starting ranks:

  • Human: Private or Intern (for doctors/medics)
  • Qui: Initiatee
  • Polis: Apprentice
  • Nyx: Magical Beginner

Put on the Listing your Name, Rank, and Out-Of-Character Status (such as new user, etc.)

The Listing Edit

  • Dark Assassin - Human
    • Name: Kyle Weir
    • Rank: Colonel
    • Out-of-Character Status: Head of Fantasi
  • Dhabih | talk | FictionWikia - Human
    • Name: The Un-named Wanderer
    • Rank: Private
    • Out-of-Character Status: Curious Observer

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