You decide to walk across the hands to the door. You carefully balance on the minute hand, and slowly walk to the hour hand. Just as you make it to the intersection of both hands, the minute hand lurches, you nearly fall off, but quickly regain balence. As you reach the door, you realize it is unlocked, with words inscribed into it. You ignore the words and walk through the door. You realise that you are on the point of the hour hand, and looking foward, you see a pedestlal, this one has a stopwatch on it, but the old fashoned kind, actually. You realise that there is almost no modern technology at all. As you realise this, you decide to read the inscription on the door. You walk back through, and read the inscription.

Here am I again, attempting to help you,
This riddle leans on time, so remember that to get through.

The hour is wrong, so which have you chose,
If right is wrong and the minute is froze?

You look at the broken stopwatch, and decide you should put it on one of the pedestals. The hour hand points to the pedestal directly ahead, while the minute hand pionts to the left pedestal. which pedestal do you place the stopwatch in?

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