Welcome to the sci-fi quest, Biohazard Chronicles! It is the year 2147 and the world is in ruins. A hostile alien race, the Gotrians, have invaded Earth and spread a virus, the Behemoth virus, into societies on Earth. The virus alone has killed 60% of the world's population. However, several organizations have converted designed fallout shelters for specific areas to contain what's left of civilization. But the Gotrians are devious and have invaded some shelters, converting the inhabitants into test subjects and then into brainwashed soldiers to fight against mankind. As one of the survivors of the Biohazard Evacuation Central Area - Earth Territory (or BECA-ET), you must discovered what happened in the shelter, who else survived, regain your memories, and stop the Gotrians before Earth can begin a new chapter, the Biohazard Chronicles. But beware. The deadliest enemy you have ... is yourself.

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