You enter the turbolift. Luckily no one else enters either. You ask the computer the time.

0543 Hours

Okay that's not too bad. You've got seventeen minutes to kill before your shift begins. Where do you go?

1. Bridge. Report to work early.
2. Environmental Systems. Isn't that where you're at?
3. Above the main shuttlebay. Enjoy the view.
4. Main Shuttlebay. Sorry, no free rides here.
5. Saucer module. Most of your friends probably live here. Peons.
6. More Environmental Systems. Why can't the ship share?
7. Even more...
8. Battle Bridge. Although, you can't get there with this turbolift. You can get to some quarters though, that's fun.
9. Stellar Cartography. Look at the stars. In more graphical form than just the windows.
10. Ten Forward. Enjoy some drinking. With others this time.
11. Recreation. Show off your muscles to real people (yeah, right), or just hang out in the holodeck, where they'll always appreciate you (yeah, right).
12. Sickbay. Feeling a little under the weather?
13. Cetacean Ops. Swim with the fishies. Although they're doing important navigational work. Or some such nonsense.
14. Cargo Bays. Shh... that's where you hid that stuff...
15. Engineering Support. In the saucer section? Weird.
16. Captain's Yacht. You wouldn't!? That's practically mutiny! Or, I guess, grand thievery.
17. Engineering Support. Another boring one.
18. More Engineering Support... again...
19. Again with the Engineering support... what is this a starship?
20. Oh yeah it is. Here's some more Engineering support followed by...
21. Engineering Support. What'd you expect, it's all just...
22. MAIN IMPULSE ENGINES. See, didn't expect that. Don't know why you'd want to be here...
23. or here. Still Main Impulse Engines.
24. Photon Torpedo Elements. This is where the magic happens. The magic that kills bad guys that is.
25. Photon Torpedo Launcher. This is where the magic is launched out of the photon torpedo launcher at the bad guys. And maybe occasionally coffins (no they don't shoot down coffins).
26. Not allowed via turbolift. You have to squeeze through a Jefferies tube to get to this abandoned photon torpedo storage center.
27. Also not allowed. As if you'd want to be in a bunch of Deuterium tanks.
28. Some more Deuterium tanks, but you can mess with them here. Well, not really.
29. Deuterium Tank Support again.
30. Engineering Support. First of many.
31. *sigh* Engineering support.
32. ''
33. ''
34. ''
35. ''
36. Main Engineering. Wait, you're tactical today.
37. Cargo Operations. As opposed to the Cargo Bay.
38. ''
39. Engine Core Operations. Beginning of the dank basement of the Enterprise
40. Antimatter Storage. You don't want to be messing with this stuff man.
41. Antimatter Storage. The lowest place on the ship.

 / ____ \
/ /    \ \
| |    | |
| |    | |
\ \____/ /

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