0500 hours.

The computer wakes you up in your quarters. You look around. You ask the computer, Time:

0501 hours

Oh, right, you think. You jump in the sonic shower and pop on your latest uniform.

Today's special, the boss is on some sort of "extended shoreleave" and since his replacement is spending time with his family this week, you get to serve as the security chief. That's quite an honor for an anthropologist who often gets stuck in engineering. Of course, it's expected with your recent promotion to Lieutenant.

You ask again, computer, time:

0540 hours

Yeah, you just wasted alot of time. You have to hurry, as you can't be late for this assignment (The captain'll get you).

What should you do?

A. Go on the computer for some recreation time before work. Yes, that's right.
B. Leave your quarters. Get going!
C. Take another sonic shower. You're dirty.
D. You're still tired. Go to sleep.
E. Have you even ate breakfast? Replicate some pop-tarts for science sakes!

     |o =        |
    A|[]o        |B
     |[]     COD |
 __C_|o     __U__|
| ===|=     _|
| | |    __} |
| |_|   |__ [|D
|          }_|

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